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Case Study Job and organisation design

A technology company had rapidly grown and was experiencing problems with departments not communicating properly and people generally being unclear about their jobs responsibilities and what was expected of them.  Job descriptions written some time ago were neglected and out of date in a large ring binder.

Our HR Director recognized that the company needed a management tool that was practical and simple yet ‘fit for purpose’.  Knowing that there would not be much enthusiasm for job descriptions, she identified the company’s four key processes and outlined how the approach would work in practice.  She then worked with the management team to identify the company’s vision and three or four goals under each of the four key processes. The goals were then cascaded to each manager and then each individual within the company.  The Company came up with the name of ‘Footprint’. 

Each member of staff now have their own individual ‘footprint’ and understand the part they contribute to the achievement of company goals.  This has fostered close team-working and an increased level of accountability. The company use the ‘footprint’ to track their progress towards their vision.

The cost was £2,000.

HR Director Solutions responded with a pragmatic solution

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